Reopening the Museum of Natural History


One of the things I’ve been nestled away and working on in recent months is a whole batch of stuff related to the reopening of the Museum of Natural History after a fourteen-month closure. The Museum has been closed for essential roof repairs to its glass-tiled roof and we have been chronicling that work – and various other related happenings – on a special closure blog called Darkened not dormant.

In the photo above you can see how all the specimens were squashed up into one aisle while the roof work was carried out in the other areas. Everything is now almost back in its right place ready for reopening¬†next Saturday, 15 February, from 7am to 5pm, or dawn till dusk as we’re poetically framing it.

During the last year I’ve been working on the new visual identity, internal signage, press and marketing, printed programme and floor plan, an audio app (to follow after reopening) and various other bits and bobs. Lots of stuff and lots of fun, so I hope it all looks good next Saturday.

A bit of housekeeping
When I was doing freelance journalism regularly this site provided a record of all my published articles. For the past two years or so, while I’ve been getting established in the Oxford University Museum of Natural History and Museum of the History of Science, the site has been neglected. But I hope now to retrospectively fill it with a few of the bigger projects I’ve worked on and then continue to add examples of work as they happen.

If you’re reading then great, thanks a lot! If not, it’s a record for me. Thanks me.

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